Saturday Adventures

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Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you plan.  I planned to make Woo another soft collar since the other one is getting a little dirty. I had the batting, the pattern and the fabric. I was all prepared to make version 2.0 even better than the first one.

gKQQ1eMp14lSLhZH.jpg by . I carefully laid out the piece, traced it, cut it. I put the batting together and sewed both sides. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make the allowance for the seams. When I finally got it together, it was much narrower than I needed for it to be an effective cone. So I did what any good cat parent would do, I filled it with cat nip and tossed it on the floor. I think They are much happier with that result.

Woo did give me a few minutes of entertainment. She was sniffing around the table while I was sewing. She sniffed the original cone and got it stuck on her face. Poor Kitty!



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Even with a full day of work ahead of me, Friday brings me to thoughts of the weekend. What shall I do, what can I start, what chores can I ignore?

The most exciting thing today – i got my BirthMas present! An 85mm Macro Lens! I’d been lusting after a 105mm lens for oh 6 years (or more) now. I just didn’t want to drop the almost $1000 it would cost to get it. The 85mm was more reasonable in price and I don’t think will be that much different than the 105. At least I’ll have to be satisfied with it until I win the lottery and can buy ALL THE LENSES!

Given the excitement of a new toy, I think you can figure out what I want to do this weekend. UH HUH! SHOOT! Now, what, where, how, when….so many decisions.

And another day

where I didn’t plan ahead, but i’m posting anyway

Conehead – part deux

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I couldn’t stand it anymore. Burnt fingers or no, I was going to find a way to make Woo a little more comfortable. Its softer and its fashionable.

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Now if my fingers didn’t burn so badly, it would be all good.


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Poor Woo – she had a trip to the vet last night that resulted in her coming home with the ‘Cone of Shame’. She doesn’t understand, I can’t speak cat, so the result is a very frustrated cat!

An unexpected result was her snuggling up against me all night – and I mean all night. Having a cat isn’t unusual. Nut snuggles with me every night. When I reached out to pet, I ran into the Cone! After that, Woo was attached to me like Velcro.

It was obvious she’s pouting – so I’m did what any good cat mommy would do, I’m googled for alternatives and found a pattern for a soft cone. I was going to make it tonight, but I ended up burning my fingers making dinner, so sewing was a bit out of reach. Woo is still with the cone of shame. Maybe I’ll get to the soft cone tomorrow.